Artist statement

The world is my stage, both with regards to the every day as well as to grand gestures: large paintings, complex stage design, international collaboration or teaching at my school is just as much part of my multi-layered artistic work, as the interior design of my flat or the preparing of my meal – I create aesthetic composition in each and every aspect of my life.

Painting is the backbone of my work. I create large, abstract-expressionistic images, diptychs or triptychs, which have reign over the space they populate. I work with acrylics, lacquer, charcoal and pencil, and gestural lines, drips and planes. The canvas is often unstretched and stapled to the wall or floor, so that it can take my whole body and energy. I am not necessarily careful and work physically with my entire body, in order to leave powerful gestures. Emotions, which I carry inside of me, I transfer and materialize.

Construction and destruction of colors, lines and planes are united as one entity to create something on the canvas that touches people. A transference through matter.

Music and dance are the origin of art and most definitely the origin of my own art. As a six year old I was already dancing ballet. This moving of my body as an expression of emotion is still visible in the way I bring color onto the canvas. It is not a tentative scurrying, but powerful and broad movements, energy, which is worked into the canvas, into a two dimensional state.

My collages and video works are more conceptual and I point out existing opposites and human relationships: poor/rich, beautiful/ugly, male/female. Every person beholds such opposites and needs to unite them in order to unfold their full potential. Flower works, a series of collages, refers especially to the female aspect of a man: „Only when I discover, embrace and honor my own femininity do I become whole and make full use of abilities and opportunities.“